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Hi there. Wow... coming across a SNL blog. I joined this month for the first time and created a We have this Moment kit to submit. i have to say i loved every minute of creating it! Awesome blog you got here


Hi Marcee! Thanks so much for the compliments on our group. I love hosting SNL and I've learned a bunch about element creation from and with everyone. Check us out at the URL above and at


Thanks for advertising about SNL. I have been participating since Dec and I am having so much fun creating my own stuff. Come join us in all the fun.

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Enjoy Life's Moments Mini Album

  • Simply
    A mini album about Destanee doing various things throughout the year. I love how this turned out. Used the Red Beauty 8x8 Mini Album

We Are Family

  • Crazy
    I love this album has various pictures of my family. My husband and I hate our pictures taken so photos of us are very rare. I used the Special Expression 8x8 Mini album to make this.

Digital Postage Stamps

  • Wild Animal Stamps
    These Faux Digital postage stamps are great additions to your scrapbook pages and ATC cards, collect them all!!