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I would like to know exactly where someone would wear the clothes supermodels model. And boy do I sympathize with you on the nicotine habit. I smoked for 20 years and finally talked with my doctor. She gave me a scrip for wellbutrin and it worked like a charm. I have not regretted one day of quitting, but you really have to be in the mindset to do it.


That is a really great list...especially the super models! And we wonder why our girls have self-esteem problems !

Stephani Empson

Welcome Marcee to the "blog prompt". I am totally addicted. lol! If it hadn't been for Meg I never would have even attempted blogging, now look at me go! I totally agree with you supermodels, and calories, can definetly go! I could sure do without them! LOL! Hope you will join us everyday!


heheheh Marcee definitely agree about the models, calories and the viagra spam mail hehehehehe great list.

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